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regarde ta boite au lettre à ton retour ce WE sur Eanna Empty regarde ta boite au lettre à ton retour ce WE sur Eanna

le 11/9/2015, 10:09
A toute fin utile, je vous cc une partie des infos trouvé sur le Fofo Archeage.

Evolution Compensation Packages & Hero's Welcome Information

As a part of our Hero's Welcome (September 12 - October 10)...

On September 12th, all players, regardless of server, who have logged into ArcheAge in the last 30 days will receive the following set of items on their highest level character: (If you don't want this set of items on your highest level character, please see the part in bold below.)

   Untamed Royal Griffin Mount - Temporary for 30 days. Can be made permanent through the Soul Sworn Chest.
   “Soul Sworn” title - Gives +1% loot drop rate, +1% exp, and +1% PvE damage.
   Anniversary Cloak - Provides +15 to all stats.
   Day 1 Soul Sworn Chest*

And anyone who has spent over 1.00 on any Trion game (Rift, Defiance, ArcheAge, Trove, or Devilian) OR who is an active ArcheAge patron (including those who purchased patron with APEX) will also receive:

   2 extra Player Appreciation Coins
   +7 days of patron time added to their account

These items will be waiting for you in the mail, so make sure to grab them! The mail will expire in 30 days if not taken out of your mailbox.

*The Soul Sworn Chest can be opened once every 24 hours and will award items up to 7 times. The 7th time the chest is opened, you’ll receive a Royal Griffin Coin which will remove the 30-day limit to your Royal Griffin Mount.

The chest will also offer items such as Grimoires from the Power Unbound event, Bound Worker’s Compensations (1000 labor, 12 hour cooldown), and Loyalty Token packs. Opening the crate each day will also offer more Player Appreciation Coins.

You can exchange Player Appreciation Coins for rare goods at the Commemorative Event Workbench on Mirage Isle for Imperial Jade Wings, the Woodland Kitsu combat pet, the Haughty Outcast’s Costume, a Gilded Royal Glider, a Midnight Kitsu combat pet, and the Brutal Outcast’s Costume! All of these items will normally be on the Marketplace & Loyalty Shop after Update 2.0, but you will be able to claim some of them for free.

The items offered as part of the Hero's Welcome cannot be transferred to Morpheus & Rangora. If you would not like these items to be on your highest level character, don't open your Day 1 chest! Simply visit Customer Service at AFTER YOU RECEIVE YOUR ITEMS and submit a ticket, requesting we move your Hero's Welcome items. If your Day 1 chest is opened, we will not be able to move your items.
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